CV social scientist Hans Abbing

1946 Born in Utrecht, The Netherlands. (First name, Johannes; Surname: Roscam Abbing)

1964 Diploma gymnasium (B)

1970 Master degree (cum laude) in economics at the University of Groningen.

1971-1976. Works as researcher for the Institute for Economic Research at the Economics Faculty of the University in Groningen.

1976-1978. Works for the Culture Department of the Dutch Ministry of CRM.

1978 Writes Economie en cultuur, De subsidieproblematiek in de economische theorie, alsmede aanzetten tot een economie van de kunsten, Staatsuitgeverij, Den Haag, 1978, 225 pagina’s.

1978 – present. Starting with the very first conference in Edinburg participates in almost all of the successive conferences of the Association of Cultural Economics and Industries,

1983 Diploma of the visual art department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

1983-present Works as visual artist (drawings, photographs and videos). Represented by gallery Witteveen in Amsterdam..

1989 Publishes: Een Economie van de Kunsten, Beschouwingen over kunst en kunstbeleid, Groningen: Historische Uitgeverij Groningen, 1989, 273 pages (reprint 1993)

1990-2005 Works as part-time lecturer (with 3/10 assignment) at the Art Economics Department of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

1996 `Visiting professor’ at the Institut für Finanzwissenshaft of the Karl Franszen Universitat in Graz, Austra.

2000 – present. Participates in almost all of the successive conferences of the art sociology track of the European Sociology Association

2002 Publishes: Why are Artists Poor? The Exceptional Economy of the Arts, Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam 2002, 367 pages (Fourth print 2008; translations in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Farsi.)

2002 Receives a PhD-degree at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

2005–2008. Extraordinary Professor in Art-Sociology at the University of Amsterdam: the Boekman-chair. (At the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities )

2007 – 2013. Supervises bachelor and master theses at the Cultural Economics and Cultural Entrepreneurship master at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

2008 – present. Teaches and supervises as professor Emeritus in Art-Sociology master theses in the Cultural Sociology Master of the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences of the University of Amsterdam.

2009. Publishes Van Hoge naar Nieuwe Kunst, Historische Uitgeverij, Groningen, 2009, 142 pages.

2009 – present. Gives many guest-lectures and short courses at Economic and Cultural Sociology departments in various universities and at Art Universities all over the world; among others: New York, Vienna, London, Brighton, New Castle, Warsaw, Athens, Bremen, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Yamagata, Taipe, Seoul, Teheran, Gothenberg, Lund.

2014 – present: writes the book The Art Period, on the changing social and economic of the arts in society. To be published in mid 2018 by PalgraveMacmillan.

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